The Victoria Child Abuse Prevention & Counselling Centre responds to children, youth and families who are affected by abuse in all its forms as well as abuse related trauma, by providing victim services, counselling, prevention and education within the greater Victoria community, and consultation throughout the province of British Columbia. 

Victoria Child Abuse Prevention and Counselling believes prevention is the first step towards addressing child abuse in our community. To learn more and to see our brochure,    click here

Our Programs

The Victoria CYAC uses a multidisciplinary approach to ensure that children who have experienced abuse are able to seamlessly access services in a safe and efficient manner​. Click here to learn more. 

​​Victoria Child Abuse Prevention and Counselling Centre

Also known as the Mary Manning Centre

We offer a variety of counselling programs within our agency. For an overview of the types of programs we offer,   click here

Information and support is available to child and youth victims, as well as witnesses and family members throughout their involvement in the criminal justice process. For more information,  click here

Our mission is to provide culturally appropriate and relevant trauma and abuse counselling, intervention programming, and support services to Indigenous children, youth, and families. For more information, 

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